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Bringing the best investment experts online

Our parent company CPN has provided financial advice and investment management to some of the wealthiest families in the UK since 1974. Using modern technology, we are now able to bring our expertise online and offer this elite service to everyone. We draw off over 40 years of experience in the industry to give you an established and market leading advisory and investment management service.

As a fully FCA regulated firm, we are authorised to advise and manage your investments across a full range of product types including ISAs, General Investment Accounts, Pensions and SIPPS. We offer advice, rebalancing and discretionary management services; all from one established company and accessible 24/7 from our award-winning online portal.

How we structure our portfolios

We only use regulated investment products and look to spread your portfolio across a range of gilts, equity, property and fixed income investments.

As an investment house, we run a series of different portfolios which are kept within their respective defined risk parameters at all times. Each portfolio is run with a set risk-focused strategy ranging from a very cautious approach through to very adventurous. Through this commitment to fundamentals we can ration the level of risk you, as an investor, are exposed to and will always manage your money within the defined risk parameters we agree with you.

We employ a dedicated investment team whose exclusive job is to monitor your portfolios daily with the latest research tools to ensure you are in the best investment areas to offer returns, and to rebalance your portfolio accordingly.

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